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Super Mario Bros Ants 1.0

Super Mario Bros Ants is an addictive strategy game that takes place in egypt
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Super Mario Bros Ants is a highly addictive strategy game that takes place in Egypt. Your task is to guide a very small army of ants to defeat all enemies, survive attacks, and save other ants held as hostages.

When you start you'll see the main screen from which you can control the sound effects, music, and the difficulty. At the center of the screen you'll see your available initial ants (just three), the one in the middle is the commander - the most important ant of all. If it dies you'll end up losing the match. Each ant has a small stone shield showing several small circles, each of these indicate a power or weapon that the ant can use while in the game. To change the weapon simply click on the desired small circle. The commander doesn't have any weapon but he does have special features that can help your army to heal, move faster, and even get holy shields to protect them.

Four ants are lost in the sandy world, your quest includes finding those ants, gathering as much gold as possible to upgrade your army's weapons, discover new features, and achieve all the divine tasks. For certain levels your goal will be to fight a huge spider, if you win, an ant will be released and you'll be able to command it. When all levels are completed you'll get to fight on the ultimate challenge to win the entire game with a great score and vast honor.

All the available weapons and upgrades are incredible, to the point that all your ants can become undefeatable. Each level has a list of "divine tasks" that need to be finished in order to obtain a gold star indicator. The only way to reach the ultimate challenge is to finish all levels including their divine tasks.

Control your attacks with the left click and command movement with your right click. You can also use the WASD keys to move your commander. Other keys are used as you unlock the commander's powers such as Q to heal, C to release the holy shield, and Z to move faster. Once you start playing, its entertaining music and game mode will keep you entertained until you can defeat the ultimate enemy.

Abigail Diaz
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  • Very entertaining and different to other games
  • Has a lot of options and upgrades
  • It's free and very addictive


  • Moving the ants with the mouse is very hard
  • Controls provide a bit higher level of difficulty
  • None of the characters has any relation to Super Mario Bros
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